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Is my tv worth repairing?

Normally the first question when your tv breaks will be "Is my tv worth fixing?". It all depends obviously, on how much it will cost to repair the set. A lot of newer tv's can still be repaired at a reasonable cost. It depends on mainly, what parts are needed and how much will the parts cost. Secondly, it depends on the technician that works on your set and if he can replace components instead of entire boards. We have reasonable repair prices vs. replacement on most sets. 90-95 percent of our repair estimates are approved.

Why does it matter which tv repair shop I call, aren't they all the same?

A lot of current tv techs have never been to an electronics school prior to attempting tv repair. The difference between a guy who sat in college learning component theory, and a guy who read some stuff about electronics on the internet is that one can troubleshoot and repair boards and the other can only swap and replace entire boards.

Board replacement versus component replacement

Any failure in a tv is caused by failure of one of the circuit boards in the set. Furthermore, the reason for the board failure is a weak or defective component on that particular board. The difference between repairing and replacing the defective board is normally a price issue rather than a quality issue. To answer the question "isn't it better to replace the whole board rahter than replace it?", normally the defective board will have one part that is known to fail on the board, while the other components on the board may never fail, so in most cases a repaired board is just as good as a replacement board. This is especially true considering that most all boards sold by tv companies and parts distributers as replacement boards are rebuilt and repaired boards anyway. In the 29 years that I've repaired tv's, the object is always the same. Attempt to repair boards in tv's rather than replacing them. With newer sets, not all problems on all boards can be fixed, but the majority of boards on newer sets can still be repaired. Your decision on whether or not to repair or replace your tv is the same now as it was 30 years ago. Cost of repair versus cost of replacing it.


How much do you charge to look at my tv and give me an estimate?

We always offer a free estimate on any set that you bring to us. We also offer house calls if you can't bring the set to us.